Teams and Shared Goals

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The word “team” gets tossed about with startling abandon. I’ve heard upper level managers refer to a division or department as a “team.” (An even more egregious error occurs when the same group is referred to as a “family.” But I digress.) What is a team really? In my last posting, I asserted six conditions for “team-ness.” They are a good jumping off point for more blog posts, so I intend to work my way through the list. ( Click here for the complete list. )

The first condition: Shared Goals for results/outcomes/deliverables

I’m going to state it as bald...

Overheard at PNSQC

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I’m writing my first official blog entry ever from the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC). It’s a great little conference in its 23rd year of focus on Testing, QA and generally improving the quality of the software we deliver.

Yesterday, I presented two tutorials with my friend and colleague, Esther Derby—a workshop about retrospectives and another that was an overview of agile methods. Both were lively and fun. No electronic equipment involved in either session, just people to people interactions with a few flip charts and index cards thrown in for good measure. I continued my low-tech experience...