How do you transform your Agile into the Best Job Ever!

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There’s this thing…as Jim (James Shore) and I have mentioned before, in the early days of Agile we would visit teams and hear, “This is the best job I’ve ever had. I love this work.” People who were doing Agile (usually Extreme Programming) were excited about it, they shared it with others, who did it, and got excited. But at some point, someone shared it with someone who got excited about it and shared it but didn’t DO it, so their sharing lost a bit of fidelity, like a copy of a copy.

The Art of Managing in an Agile World 2-Day Workshop

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December 12 & 13 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Hotel Vintage Plaza 422 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

Price: $1750 per participant* Group Rate: Register 3 or more participants at $1550 per person


The workshop is limited to 18 participants, so make sure to reserve your spot soon!

Course Overview Managers have a unique role to fulfill in an Agile world. Whether leading a shift to Agile methods or guiding a newly Agile organization, effective managers join their current skills with strategic tools learned in this course to keep people and teams on track. This course gives you the hands-on experience and builds the...

Agile 2010 - Be There

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I'm attending Agile 2010. Are you?

If you're serious about adopting, grounding, or extending Agile mental models, values, principles, methods, and practices where you work, you'll find answers to your current concerns, and stimulate new questions to consider, at Agile 2010. With 214 sessions ranging across 5 days and 16 thematic stages, you're sure to find many colleagues who face similar challenges.

In Open Jam, the self-organizing area of the conference, you'll find thought leaders whose deep curiosity and desire to learn leads them to sit with you and explore your situation. You'll also find peers and...

Oregon Training Network

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Sean and Scott from the Software Association of Oregon's (SAO) Oregon Training Network asked Jim Shore and me hard questions about Agile methods. You can read the interview here.

For more about June 17-18 workshops about introducing Agile into your organization, look here.

Introductions to Agile Development June 17 & 18

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The Software Association of Oregon has invited Jim Shore and I to present two workshops introducing Agile methods and mindsets to companies in Oregon as part of the Oregon Training Network. Register for "The Business of Agile" and "Agile Software Development: No Silver Bullets, Just Good Sense" at these links.

BTW, if you haven't already found it, Jim's blog is great place to find information about the Agile "how to's".

Secrets of Agile Teamwork

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Are you ready to take your Agile team to the next level?

Beyond technical skills, Agile success depends on productive self-organizing teams. How do you develop, grow, and maintain a functioning self-organizing team? It’s not magic, but it doesn’t just happen either. Effective self-organizing teams rely on personal and interpersonal effectiveness. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll discover the secrets to developing the skills you need to succeed and lead on a self-organizing team.

Agile Open CA

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A third Agile Open has sprouted! To follow the success of Agile Open Northwest last January, which built on the work of Willem van den Ende, Marc Evers, and Nynke Fokma who gave us Agile Open in Europe, now we have Agile Open California! Attendees will explore the theme of "Sustainable Agility: Thriving in the Mainstream."

Agile and Open Space Technology, what a match made in heaven! Self-organizing rules! The word spreads....

25th PNSQC

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The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference October 8-10, 2007 in Portland Oregon. (I've only been involved for the past five years.) One of the best conferences there is for developers, testers and other folks concerned with the quality of their software. And I'm planning the Monday night ice-breaker social!